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All camps and trainings will be at
Horizon Sports 201 Hobbs Road, League City. 

All players are welcome! 
Players are divided into groups based on age, experience, and ability.
Players should wear comfortable clothing, knee pads, and volleyball or athletic shoes. 
Bring plenty of water, refillable water bottles/jugs are preferred. 
Due to limited space, spectators will not be allowed remain in the camps and trainings, but we will have times you can come watch.   

Developmental Camp

WHO: 3rd-5th and Beginner 6th

WHAT: This 3-day camp will be packed full of fun and learning. Each day will be focused on different skills and will allow players to learn all aspects of the game of volleyball through skill specific activities and game play. 

COST: $110

Developmental Camp 1: June 27-29 6pm-8pm
Developmental Camp 2: August 1-3 6pm-8pm

All Skills Camp

WHO: Entering 6th through 9th Beginners or some experience

WHAT: This is a three-day camp for the beginners and players with some experience.  Players will be taught all the fundamentals of volleyball including passing, setting, hitting, serving, offense and defense through skill specific activities and gameplay. 

COST: $130

All Skills Camp 1: June 13-15 6pm-8pm
All Skills Camp 2: July 11-13 5:30pm-7:30pm



WHO: 6th-8th grade with Club experience

WHAT: This camp is ONLY for players that have previous club experience and want to push themselves to grow and become stronger volleyball players. We will focus on advanced level skills that are needed to maintain a high competitive level at this age, while giving the players quality reps and game-like play. 

COST: $130

Advanced Jr High Camp 1: June 6-8 6pm-8pm
Advanced Jr High Camp 2: July 11-13 7:30pm-9:30pm



WHO: Entering 9th through 12th Grade who have Club or Varsity experience.

These 2-hour skill sessions are designed to target individual position skills to push each player to the next level in preparation for upcoming school/club tryouts. Each position will focus on specific skills and techniques, as well as ball control, footwork, and speed that is needed to give your player an edge over her competition.  

Setters and Hitters
The first hour, your player will receive separate training specific to their position (Setting or Hitting)
The second hour, the 2 positions will work together on the connection between the 2 positions.  

Blocking and Back Row Defense
The first hour, your player will receive separate training specific to their position (Blocking or Back Row Defense)
The second hour, the 2 positions will work on the connection between the 2 positions using blocking tactics and skills for reading the offense. 

Serve and Serve Receive
We will work on increasing the speed and accuracy of your serve along with receiving those serves.  These are skills every player should have regardless of your position and are the key to winning matches!

COST: $50 each (1 two-hour skill session)
                $40 each (4 or more 2-hour skill sessions) 

High School Position Training 1: June 20, 21, 22
          Setting/Hitting 3pm-5pm
          Serve/Serve Receive 5pm-7pm
          Blocking/Back Row Defense 7pm-9pm

High School Position Training 2: July 18, 19, 20
          Blocking/Back Row Defense 3pm-5pm          
          Serve/Serve Receive 5pm-7pm
          Setting/Hitting 7pm-9pm

Jr. High Tune Up Before Tryouts

WHO: Incoming 7th and 8th Grade

WHAT: This camp is for players that are ready to complete their skills before heading to tryouts at their junior high. This camp will cover all skills and will include team offensive and defensive concepts. We have divided it by grade to keep camp sizes small.

COST: $165

Jr. High Tune Up Camp 1: August 6-7
     7th Grade 11am-3pm
     8th Grade 3pm-7pm

Jr High Tune Up Camp 2: August 8-11
     7th Grade 5:30pm-7:30pm
     8th Grade 7:30pm-9:30pm


These sessions are for Intermediate to Advanced level players who are looking to focus on a specific skill.  Sessions will be different each week and all sessions will spend time on serving.  Come for one or any combination of skills and dates. 

$25 per session or $20 each for 4 or more

June 11
June 25
July 16
July 30

Setting 9-10:30
Hitting/Blocking 10:30-12
Passing/Defense 12-1:30


WHO: This program is perfect for any and all players looking for position level training.  Whether you made your school team or are wanting to prepare for Club Volleyball, this is a chance to improve your skills.  

WHAT: The 1.5-hour session is open to anyone 6th grade and up and will focus on individual skills. Sessions will progress and be different each week.  Sessions will also include serving practice and gameplay. 

All players from any club are welcome and this program will be run by SEV Club coaches.

Sign up for one, a few, or all of them.  


Setting 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
Hitting/Blocking 10:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Passing/Defense 12:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

$25 each skill session or $20 for 4 or more.
(if paid for during one registration)

Cancellation Policy:

If a camp is cancelled by Sporting Edge Volleyball prior to its start date, entire camp fee will be refunded.  If camp is cancelled after its start date, a prorated camp fee will be refunded.

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