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SEV Scholarship, Business Sponsorship, and Fundraising Opportunities

Sporting Edge Volleyball, Corp. is a 501c3 not for profit corporation.  We applied for and received our non-profit status in 2019 in order to better serve our families.  We are able to fundraise and receive business donations to help offset the cost of club volleyball for our families and businesses can receive the tax benefits from their generous donations.  Please email if your business would like to make a donation.


Sporting Edge Volleyball wants to provide an opportunity for all girls to be able to achieve their full athletic potential as a volleyball player while promoting leadership, teamwork, friendship, character, goal setting and self-discipline.

Scholarship grants will only be issued to those players who have applied NO LATER THAN November 1, 2021 and have demonstrated financial need.

Scholarship grant money is distributed based on the funds available and the number of qualified families who have applied.

This application needs to be signed and returned to Virginia Anne Boone NO LATER THAN November 1,  2021. You may email the form to or mail to 622 Oak Glen Dr. Kemah, TX 77565.

Sporting Edge Volleyball Business Sponsorship

There are many businesses who are eager to sponsor a players season.  Please download the form below to present to area businesses.  Any business sponsorships received by a player will be applied to their account.  

Fundraising Opportunities

Sporting Edge Volleyball will have opportunities to fundraise in the fall to help offset player costs.  These are individual fundraisers and will be applied to that player only.  Past successful fundraisers have been Bay Area Food Lovers Discount Card, WePop4U Popcorn Fundraiser.  Fundraisers will be announced and are at the players discretion.

SEV will also have a club wide fundraiser in February to help with equipment costs, coach training, and other items that will benefit the club as a whole.  This fundraiser is mandatory for all players.  

Contact Us Sporting Edge Volleyball

Contact Us Sporting Edge Volleyball