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USAV and AAU Registration and Scorer Information

USAV Registration Instructions

USAV Registration is MANDATORY for all Club Volleyball Players!

1. An email with the subject "Accept your assignment to Sporting Edge Volleyball!" will be sent to the email linked to your Sports Engine account.  Complete the information and payment process for USA Volleyball and the Lone Star Region.

2. Once the initial registration is received, a follow-up email will be immediately sent by email with the waivers for the season.  YOUR REGISTRATION IS NOT OFFICIAL UNTIL ALL ITEMS IN THIS EMAIL HAVE BEEN COMPLETED.

3. You do not need to turn anything in to Sporting Edge. All of your players credentials can be found on your Family Dashboard on Sports Engine.  


USAV Scorer Certification Instructions Steps

1. Attend training from USAV certified trainer.

2. Score 2 sets of an official game. Take a picture of the completed score sheet.

3. Send completed score sheets to:
           send as photo/attachment to

           or, send a photo copy USPS to
                C. L. 'Steve' Crane
                Scorer Chair - Lone Star Region
                18710 Appletree Hill Lane, Houston, TX 77084

Make sure you include your name and USA Volleyball Member ID found under your player profile on your Sports Engine Family Dashboard

4. Mr. Crane will reply either passing you or asking you to score again.

5. Completed Scorer Certifications last 2 year.


AAU Registration is mandatory to participate in AAU sanctioned tournaments. 
Not all players will need to register with AAU. 
Players will be notified if it is necessary for them to register with AAU. 

1. Go to

2. What type of memberships? 

            Sport: Volleyball

            Coverage: Regular - $14

            Term: Current Membership Year

3 Are they a member of a club?


            CLUB CODE: WYE9CF

            Your club: 2021 – Sporting Edge Volleyball

4. Who are you registering?

            Enter player information

5. Continue and check to make sure information is correct

6. Checkout and pay

7. Check your receipt to make sure the CLUB CODE is correct.  You do not have to send in your Membership Card.