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What is Club Volleyball?


Sporting Edge Volleyball Club is an avenue for female players, age 10 to 18, to receive advanced training and compete on local, regional, and national stages.

Volleyball is the 3rd most popular sport for girls in high school with 404,000 girls on varsity level programs. 

So as not to interfere with school volleyball, club season begins in November and, for many teams, ends in May with National level competitions continuing into June. 

Practices begin in mid-November and are twice a week for 2 hours.  Practice days are determined in October after all teams have been formed. 

Teams begin participating in tournaments starting at the end of December or beginning of January. Local Club teams attend tournaments local to the Houston Area.  Regional teams attend tournaments local to Houston but also travel to events within the state of Texas and Louisiana.  National level teams participate in local, regional, and national level competitions.  Tournaments can be 1 or 2 day events and will take place on a Saturday and/or Sunday.  SEV scheduled tournament dates are posted in December.  

The cost for your daughter to participate depends on her age and club level.  Please click here to see team levels and prices.  There is a $400 non-refundable deposit due when you commit to the team and the remaining balance can be divided into equal monthly payments with the balance due by March 2021.

We are an exclusive Under Armour club.  Players will be given 2 UA game jerseys, 2 UA practice shirts, 1 UA sweat suit, 2 pair of UA court shorts, 1 pair of UA knee pads, 2 pair of UA socks, and an UA backpack.  Players are responsible for purchasing their shoes.  We will have a shoe option you may purchase to be uniform with the team or shoes may be purchase outside of the club.  All shoes must be black and white. 

Sporting Edge Club Volleyball teams are led by professional coaches that are USAV IMPACT and Safe Sport Certified. Committed coaches using coordinated techniques teach age appropriate skills. Coaches participate in mandatory clinics to coordinate their approach to coaching. This interconnected method benefits players by creating a strong foundation and building upon it with a cohesive process. 

We are blessed to be able to use the gym facilities in Dickinson ISD and do the majority of our training in the main competition gym at Dickinson High School, one of the nicest facilities in the area.

The only required added cost for each player will be the membership fee for USA Volleyball ($45) and AAU ($14) These are the organizations that govern the tournaments we participate in so a membership with them is required to play.  These fees will be paid online and will be due before practice begins in November.

A concern that many parents have is how to manage club volleyball and another sport.  Studies show that there are many benefits of being a multi-sport athlete and we at Sporting Edge Volleyball encourage our players to participate in any sport they are passionate about.  We post our tournament schedule in December giving players plenty of time to check their calendar and communicate any conflicts.  So long as there is proper communication regarding practice and tournament absences, there will never be an issue with other sport participation. 

If your player is passionate about the sport of volleyball, there are benefits to playing at the club level.  Mainly, becoming highly skilled in the sport.  The training and experience received will give players opportunities to play throughout school and beyond.  With the number of girls that are playing volleyball at the club level, it has become more competitive to gain a spot on school teams.  The experience and training received will give players the upper hand when trying out for their school team.  Sports can also give girls opportunities to play at the collegiate level and college recruiters have become more likely to make  contact with players through club volleyball.

Sporting Edge Volleyball was created to provide an opportunity for young female athletes to improve their volleyball skills and abilities, compete at a higher level, teach the principles of teamwork and sportsmanship, and teach responsibility and commitment. The Mission of Sporting Edge Volleyball is to be a leader in teaching, coaching, and training young volleyball athletes in all aspects of the sport including; skill and technique training, team tactics, strength and conditioning, and basic skills in sports psychology and leadership. This competitive athletic experience will enhance the social development, contribute to mental and physical health, and teach the values of teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline, and self-motivation to each athlete. It is the intention of Sporting Edge Volleyball to develop each volleyball athlete in the program, whether the player desires to be an NCAA Division I college player, or the player that simply wants to make his or her school team. In summary, Sporting Edge Volleyball's goal is to train young players to optimize athletic potential and develop life skills through volleyball.

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CONTACT US! Sporting Edge Volleyball

CONTACT US! Sporting Edge Volleyball